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Promising Topics For A Descriptive Essay: Expert Advice

A descriptive essay is one where you're describe person, place, or thing to the reader.  These kinds of essays are pretty easy to write if you know how to write one.  The best way to figure out what to write about is to brainstorm.  Make a list of different topics that you can do them on and then start to describe those topics in your head or on the paper.  The topic that you got the most information on is probably the best topic to do your essay on.  Remember that you want the essay to be very descriptive and you want the reader to see what you are describing.  Use all five senses when you are writing your essay.

Descriptive Essay Topics

  • Describe your favorite food to the reader.  Describing your favorite food uses all the five senses, you not only tell them how they taste but also how it looks, feels, smells, and you can describe what you hear when you eat it.
  • What is your favorite music or song?  Tell the reader your favorite genre of music or song; this topic affects the senses of hearing, see, and how you felt emotionally.
  • Describe a book that you have read or one of your favorite ones.  This goes beyond what happens in the book, you have to put emotion into this kind of descriptive essay.
  • Describe a city, it can be one you visited or one that you may have not but if it is one that you visited then you can get better descriptions.  You need to describe the sights, sounds, and smells, and so on in the city of your choice.
  • Describe your neighborhood or one that you lived in.  Certain places bring back great memories and you can describe a memory and where it took place in your neighborhood.
  • One of the easiest topics that you can do for your descriptive essay, you can describe your room for you essay.  Just sit in your room and look around and see how you can describe it.
  • Another one is to describe your most memorable birthday.  We all have one birthday that was better than the others, use that to write your descriptive essay.
  • If you are a camper, then you can describe to your reader what it is like to go camping.  This topic can be very informative if the reader has never done it before.

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