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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Where to Find Inspiration

Compare and contrast essays always have the potential of being controversial and opinionated. If you write yours correctly, it’ll make for some riveting reading. Your topic choice can certainly make or break your essay. Because compare and contrast essays are in a category of their own, you should try to pick topics that guarantee interest. Here are some ways to get the most out of your essay.

  • Hunting for irony
  • In your compare and contrast essay, you will analyze the similarities of two subjects, as well as their differences. This can turn out to be a lot of fun because two things— or two people—, who seem the same, can be vastly different. In other ways, those who/that seem different often have a lot in common.

    These are the types of elements to look out for when searching for a good topic. Take your time when doing this. The perfect topic isn’t likely to just jump out at you. Keep searching for irony and don’t settle on a topic until you have the perfect one.

  • Human behaviour and competition
  • One way to almost guarantee a readable compare and contrast essay is to search for competing public figures and note their similarities. Then, look at what sets them apart from each other. Your reader will marvel at the fact that two people who think they are opposites are actually so alike in many ways—and yet, distinct too.

  • Fact is stranger than fiction
  • Look around you. What do you see in the world we live in? Coincidences, contradictions, and lots of craziness. This is the perfect recipe for a compare and contrast essay. This type of essay is certainly not limited to people. You can look at locations, ideals, objects, and even time periods. Have fun with it and entertain your reader by showing them a side to things they never considered.

Just to recap

  • Start off by choosing the right topic and your essay will automatically follow suit.
  • Remember to look at life through slightly different eyes.
  • See the madness in the world and try to relate that same theme into your essay.
  • Irony is everywhere, in history, and in the present. Use it to your advantage

Now you’ve got a recipe for a great compare and contrast essay. Go get ‘em!

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