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10 Controversial Topics For A College Argumentative Essay

Controversial topics are excellent for writing argumentative essays. Argumentative essays explain one side of an issue. They are meant to make a stance and then provide solid evidence to prove the stance. They are not meant so much to persuade the audience through personal views but simply to prove the facts of one side of an issue. Controversial issues have two sides. The more controversial the issue; the closer the amount of people supporting each side. The most controversial issue would have the same supporters as it would opposition.

When choosing a controversial issue, make sure it is one that you believe strongly in. The more passion that you can put into your paper the better. You don’t want to express your opinion but you do want to support your stance with great claims. The good thing about controversial issues is that they usually have a lot of information pertaining to whichever side you choose. You will be able to find the information that you need to back up your claims.

Here are some great controversial issues to write your essay about.

  1. 1. Euthanasia. Doctor assisted suicide is a controversial issue because suicide is illegal but when someone is suffering it may just be humane to let them go.

  2. 2. Abortion. The fight is still on about whether an abortion should be considered illegal or if a woman should have the right to choose.

  3. 3. Legalization of marijuana. This issue is fairly new but it deals with whether the substance should be legalized. It is used for pain relief and other medicinal uses but the long term effects are still unknown.

  4. 4. Animal cloning. It is hard to know whether there is a fear of a real life Jurassic Park that makes individuals fight against animal cloning but the fight is very apparent.

  5. 5. Fur for fashion. With some of the most sought after fashion contributors near extinction, it is not hard to see why some individuals are fighting against killing animals for their skin or tusks.

  6. 6. Same sex marriages. Whether it is an issue of immoral behavior or the sheer fear of change, this is a hot issue.

  7. 7. Children out of wedlock. The increasing number of babies born out of wedlock is increasing and it is making the older generations uncomfortable.

  8. 8. School uniforms. Some believers feel that students are less likely to get bullied if it is unclear how much money they have because they can’t afford the nicer clothes.

  9. 9. Homework policies. Some individuals feel like schools have been giving the kids too much homework and that kids should be allowed to get outside and play when they get home.

  10. 10. Animal testing. Is it moral to give an animal a deadly disease to test out a vaccine that may save lives?

Any one of these topics will work great for your paper.

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