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A List Of Impressive Argumentative Essay Topics On The Middle East

The Middle East is absolutely fascinating. The lists of topics that are available to you are almost limitless. You may have trouble finding a topic simply because there are so many that are interesting and attention grabbing. Here is a list that will give you some ideas:

  • Religion: how does it affect their everyday life and values? Do their beliefs make them radicals or is it just a select few that go overboard?
  • Culture: Is the culture to protect women and children or to treat them as slaves?
  • Should the United States stay out of the Middle East or are they really making a difference?
  • Are the United Nations fair in their dealings with the Middle East?
  • Is the ban on media really something the government does to protect their citizens?
  • Wars shroud the history of the Middle East. How far back do these wars go and have they all been necessary or is it just a violent piece of the world?
  • Could civil unrest really something that could be prevented or is it something that humans must go through to move forward?
  • How is the Middle East affected by the climate of its rulers? Could all the problems be prevented with the proper leader set in place?
  • The Middle East has roots that go all the back to Bible times. Does the Bible give us any insight into the culture, even though they are not Christians?
  • Will peace ever be attained? What will be the cost at which peace is attained?
  • Will women ever have equal rights? Do the women want equal rights?

As you can see, there are many ideas that you could choose from. Not only will they spark interest, but they are also readily available for research. You can find these topics online or at your public library. Just remember to take notes as you study. You may find that you have more to learn than you thought. You will be able to grab the attention of your reader if you choose a topic that you enjoy learning about. Knowledge will make your paper flow together seamlessly. Follow these easy steps: Research. Outline, Compose, Edit, Proofread, and then rewrite. This, along with the notes you take during research, will help you to format your paper properly.

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