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Professional-Approved Analytical Essay Topics List

One of the most interesting types of essays to write is the analytical essay. These are so fascinating because they take a common topic and break it down into small parts. Once a writer breaks the pieces down, the writer then analyzes how those small parts affect the whole. Analytical essays can be written about literature, scientific theory, historical events, music, pop culture, and practically everything else in between. When you write an analytical essay, you prove that you are able to look deeply into a topic.

As you move through your academic career, you will be tasked with writing several analytical essays. When you move into college and advanced degree programs, the analytical essays become even more important to your academic success because they show that you know the subject you are studying. In order to prove what you know, you need to have excellent topics to research and prove. Here are a few essay topics that professional writers can stand behind and approve:

  • What happens during medical experiments on animals and are those experiments necessary?
  • Why are schools no longer scheduling field trips and what is it doing to education?
  • How does a parent develop mental strength in a sensitive child?
  • What are the benefits of all boy and all girl schools?
  • What makes a place meaningful and rewarding?
  • Should American students be encouraged to travel during their high school years?
  • Should the grocery store industry be revamped?
  • Why should someone watch your favorite movie?
  • Should cities, villages, and towns offer free WIFI in public locations?
  • Should students in the classroom use computers on a daily basis?
  • Why is “ignorance bliss?”
  • Should students continue to earn grades?
  • What is the best topic to write about when crafting a college application essay?
  • What is the best country for immigrants?
  • What are the pros and cons of living in a competitive society?
  • Is college still necessary for success in life?
  • What is the best role for parents to have with their children?
  • Should public schools be closed?

Analytical topics can truly cover nearly every topic imaginable. The best analytical topics ask questions that begin with should, what, and why. These questions get readers to begin to think and a well-written analytical essay will take the facts of the topic and create a meaningful analysis. The reader then gets to decide whether or not to agree with the writer.

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