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Inventing powerful essay topic ideas in Psychology: basic tips

Psychology is cooler than you think

If you are studying psychology, or want to pursue it as a course of study in the future, you should be proud of yourself. Psychology is a great subject, perhaps the best combination of philosophy and science. It empowers you to employ your sense of observation, your reasoning skills and many other traits that will help you in life. Also, psychology is full of great topics, some of which are very interesting as essay ideas.

Good topics for essays in psychology

During your course of study, you might have to write an essay on a topic of your selection. It is a basic requirement of many mainstream courses. It is important to choose the right topic for proper evaluation and accreditation. There are some basic guidelines that you can follow; some tips and tricks that will help you chose the perfect suited topic.

A few interesting topic selection guidelines

  1. You can tackle open psychological issues in your essay.
  2. You can also write on the development over any open psychological issue. There are many important psychological traits that have not yet been properly explained. You can write on that. Once you go online, you can find many such issues, like parity in mental health care etc and write on that. You can write on issues like drawbacks in present psychological treatment procedures. These kinds of topics, however, can be criticized so you must be ready to defend your idea.

  3. Write on famous psychologists.
  4. Try to avoid Sigmund Freud. Everyone write on Sigmund Freud and people are fed up from reading about Sigmund Freud. If you want your essay to be interesting, you should choose uncommon names that have had a major contribution to modern psychology. Also, do not forget to write on relevant and not obsolete works. Aaron Beck, Kurt Lewin etc. would be good ideas.

  5. Write on case studies.
  6. There are thousands and thousands of interesting psychology cases, and although not all of them are properly documented, it is highly unlikely that there are essays on all of them. You can choose an interesting case and write on it without chances of plagiarism.

  7. Write on psychological experiments.
  8. To understand human and animal psychology, many interesting tests and experiments have been designed and carried out over the years. You can choose one of them as your essay topic. It would be novel and interesting at the same time.

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