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20 Good Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College Students

Compare and contrast essays are extremely common at certain levels of a students academic life and it is is good to know how to ace these tasks for they contribute heavily to their overall grades. The list below contains twenty attractive compare and contrast essay topics for college students to practice on or consider for usage in their actual coursework.

Due to the amount I have selected for the list there will be some topics that simply is a little more difficult than others but this is a good thing. By attempting the difficult ones you can now get some practice to strengthen your weak areas. Have fun practicing these titles.

  1. The difference between men and women as shown by social media interactions.
  2. How do dogs and cats respond differently to physical stimulus?
  3. Living in the tropics versus living in temperate countries, the pros and cons of both.
  4. My ideas versus yours, why are people so different in both preferences and intelligence?
  5. Life now compared to life 20 years ago, did anyone see it coming?
  6. Transportation of the future and how it will change our lives.
  7. How history would have been different had we been more technologically advanced before Europeans set out to discover the new world.
  8. Rainy climates versus climates with snow all years round. Which is worse?
  9. How cell phones have changed the lives of young people to the point where they live in a completely different world from their parents generation.
  10. What makes modern sports cars different from the high performance vehicles of the past.
  11. Which is better, a sharp ax or a chain saw?
  12. What are the benefits of using a pencil over using a pen?
  13. What are the distinct features that truly distinguish humans from other animals?
  14. How would life on earth change if we were to find out that were were not alone in the universe?
  15. How are flying insects different from birds?
  16. What are the benefits of communism over capitalism?
  17. Are bats different from other mammals in any significant way?
  18. Are there any observable differences between people that prefer comedy over drama as a form of entertainment?
  19. How can people from western societies, differentiate between a Chinese national and a Japanese national without asking them any questions?
  20. How has television changed since the introduction of reality programming to the line up of programs to choose from?

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