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Your essay content should be interesting by grabbing the attention of the reader, have solid points that provide clear proof for the main idea, and mistakes and errors should not be an issue from start to finish. You have an opportunity to show yourself and your personality.
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You should plan your time wisely to allow yourself to gather necessary information and complete revisions. What you know and your abilities can give you a good start.
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5 great tips to help you pick the right definition essay topic

Definition essays can be absolute masterpieces in the right hands. They seem a bit boring, however, when the writer selects the wrong topic or when the style of writing just does not connect with readers. The following five tips can help you at least with the first part of that problem. When it comes to topic selection:

Make it something that can be defined by you

If the topics you are thinking of at first are amazing but you aren’t sure how to convert them into essays, go back to the drawing board until you find the right topic for YOU. You gain absolutely nothing by pretending to be able to define something that you can’t. If no marks are at stake, you can bravely attempt any topic you like to expand your writing skills, just know when to play it safe.

Keep it interesting

Definition essays are highly dependent on style to keep them lively. If you lack that level of stylistic ability you may need the topic of the essay to help you. An excellent writer can define the word ‘toast’ and leave readers scintillated. A mediocre writer won’t know what to do with the word ‘humiliation’. Place yourself fairly on the spectrum.

Avoid the obvious

Words that are too easily defined can make for very boring essays. Try to avoid words with simple obvious definitions.

Be specific

Most concepts can be subdivided into smaller concepts. Try not to cover everything associated with the word or concept you are defining if it all won’t fit neatly into your essay.

Stay away from topics that have been done too many times

An overdone topic takes much more work. If you suspect everything you can say on a topic has already been said, pick another.

These are some of the types of topics you might end up with:

  • What is fatherhood?
  • Define beauty.
  • What is suicide?
  • What is a home?
  • What was the Great Recession?
  • Define the term “smartphone”
  • Who is Santa Claus?
  • What is the ozone layer?
  • What is Climate Change?
  • Define the term “axis of evil”.
  • What is Dubai?
  • Define the term “opportunity cost”.
  • What is “the right moment”?
  • What is a position-based negotiation?
  • What is traditional city design?

If your aim is to enhance your skills, write essays for each of these topics and note your improvement as you go along.

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