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Coming Up With The Best Evaluation Essay Topics For High School Students

An valuation essay looks at something and then the wrier decides if that thing is good, not so good, the best ever, or average. It is very similar to a review of a book, song, or a movie. Quite often in the essay the wrier will compare the object to other things and state how it measures up to it. You will want to pick a topic that you know about and that you have somewhat of an interest. Some possible topic ideas might be:

  • What baseball, football, soccer, basketball, or sports’ team is the best
  • Pick a type of restaurant in town such as Italian or Chinese are review it compared to others in town
  • Discuss which cell phone, gaming device, laptop, or tablet that you think is the best of the group
  • Talk about watching baseball at home compared to baseball at the ball park
  • Which sports’ car do you think is the best
  • Which politician do you think will make the best 2016 presidential candidate
  • Which NBA fans are the best fans
  • How is your football team compared to others in your district
  • What is the best romantic movie ever made
  • Which Robin Williams’ movie was the best
  • Which classical musician has made the most impact on the world of music
  • Which guitar brand makes the best instruments
  • Who makes the best cookie dough ice cream
  • Which Shakespeare play is his best
  • Which heavy metal band was the best
  • Which Jimmy Fallon guest was the funniest one
  • Which book is your favorite and why
  • What jeans fit the best
  • What horror movie was the scariest one ever made
  • What dystopian movie is the best
  • What celebrity feud is the most intense or interesting
  • What impressionist artist produced the best work
  • What roller coaster ride is the most thrilling and which is the most boring

This paper style is popular among young people because you get to pick the topic and it can be a topic that you like to read, watch, play, listen to, or even eat. You can even do taste tests or listening scenarios to make a scientific evaluation. You can read the book, watch the movie, or look at the baseball statistics of the team you selected. Your participation or any that you have your friends do is considered research or a case study.

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