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End-Of-Life Care

There is no such thing as the “right” place to die. However, when the time comes, people are forced to make the decision where they would like to receive end-of-life care. There are some pros and cons to both at home and hospital care, so this choice must be considered very carefully.

Care at home is the primary choice of the majority of people. This option allows more time for the dying person and their family to spend together. People also feel more comfortable when surrounded by the things they know and treasure. This choice will require one of the family members to provide the necessary care, which can be difficult for a person with no training in nursing. In this case, a professional nurse can be arranged. However, this service may not be covered by the insurance. End-of-life home care is a costly option, because the patient will require some special equipment, a lot of medications and the services of a 24/7 caregiver. You will also need to arrange visits from a doctor, who will be able to adjust the treatment plan according to the changing needs of the dying person. In order to determine how much money this type of care will cost the family, people should consult an insurance specialist as well as an end-of-life care planner in their local hospital. Some of the main disadvantages of at home care are the psychological trials that come with seeing the person you care for wither away as well as people’s inability to provide sufficient level of care 24/7 because of their work and other commitments.

Hospital care is considered more beneficial, because usually, it can be paid for through insurance. In a specialized medical facility, the sick person will always have access to immediate help. This is the main advantage of this option, because at this stage, timely delivered medical help can make the difference between life and death. In case of an emergency, the patient can be transferred to the intensive care unit, where his or her life will be supported by machines until the danger passes, or at least, until the family members can gather to say their goodbyes. The biggest disadvantages are lack of privacy and set visiting hours. However, as the patient’s condition deteriorates, their family can negotiate with the hospital staff to relax the rules in their case.

Both at home and hospital end-of-life care have their advantages and disadvantages. The former option is chosen by the vast majority of the patients, because it makes them feel more at ease about the morbid situation.

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