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Where To Look For A World History Comparative Essay Example

You may be encountering a little bit of writer’s block when it comes to a world history comparative essay. It is understandable because you are not writing about one particular historical era; you’re comparing it to another. The worst-case scenario is if you start writing the essay only to discover in a paragraph or two there is nothing worth comparing. It is even worse if you discover there is absolutely nothing at all to write about. Fortunately, there are places where you can find some examples from which to draw inspiration. They can be found on the Internet.

Any number of AP history courses and examinations contain ideas for comparative essays. You can find some very unique topics that you can expand on in your work. These can include ideas such as:

  • the culture of the Ming Dynasty and the Tokugawa shoganate of Japan;
  • the religious practices of the Aztecs and the Spanish;
  • religious freedom in the Netherlands and that of England in the 17th century;
  • Fascism in Nazi Germany and Communism in the Soviet Union under Stalin;
  • The Moghul Empire and the Mongol Empire.

You will find there is more than enough material from which you can draw an essay topic.

Make It Original

Having found an idea you should expand on it and try to make it your own. For example, you can take one aspect of religious freedom in the Netherlands and contrast that with what England was doing in the 17th century. You should remember always that you’re supposed to demonstrate your understanding and also make it interesting. The paper has to be something that catches the imagination of the person who is reading it. No instructor or examiner likes to read something that is tedious. The essay can sparkle if you pay attention to the writing style that you use. Do the best you can not to be stiff or dull.

Be Careful of Plagiarism

You may come across a complete essay on the Internet. If you are tempted copy it the advice is very simple: don’t do it! You would not be the first one to try that and there are ways of seeing to it that your plagiarism is uncovered. Copyscape is just one of the Internet tools used to check on originality. You can find yourself in very serious trouble if your essay does not pass Copyscape or any of the other plagiarism checking tools.

Besides, even though you have found the topic on the Internet the content should be yours. It is a chance to demonstrate your understanding and showcase your analytical skills. Writers block can happen but you can find any number of examples of topics you can use on the Internet.

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