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Top 10 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Music

The compare and contrast essay is a very commonly seen one. It is rare to come across a student at the end of their education who has never once been assigned one. It basically requires a person to say what two things have in common and what is divergent about them. It can be applied to any two things because all things are related and in some way similar but no two things are completely identical. Not even twins.

If one of the things to be included in the topic is music, the following should be considered:

What the term means

For something to be musical, it must create a pleasing sound. The funny thing about that is how very subjective it is. There must be at least one person for whom nails on a chalkboard create a very pleasant noise. As a result the definition allows for wide interpretation.

What is related to it

The science of sound is related closely to it as is mathematics. Knowing this can help you find the most complementary and contrasting elements that can be included in the essay.

How you intend to approach the essay itself

Do you have a great deal of time to devote to research? If not, you should go simple with this. It is far too easy to run out of time midstream.

Consider each of the following possibilities:

  1. 1) In what ways is jazz similar to and different from traditional African music?
  2. 2) Can EDM be effectively compared with techno music?
  3. 3) How are mathematically minded people similar to those who are musically inclined on a cognitive level?
  4. 4) How is the neural activity of someone listening to a song in a foreign language different from that of someone listening to a song in their native tongue?
  5. 5) Can the mastery of musical notation be considered similar to the mastery of a foreign spoken language?
  6. 6) How does involvement in musically centered revolutions provide a counterculture or secretly adhere to existing norms?
  7. 7) What are the similarities and differences between hymns and prayers?
  8. 8) How has music been altered by the standardization of A at 440 Hz as opposed to 432 Hz?
  9. 9) Is the use of acoustic technology for the production of sonic weapons something that differs much from the weaponization of nuclear technology?
  10. 10) How are musicians who begin as children better or worse off than those who start as adults (if any difference truly exists)?

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