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A List Of 10 Argumentative Essay Topics On Macbeth

For many students, argumentative essays are very easy to create, especially when they know well the subject. However, they can have issues when they need to write on a topic that is not familiar or easy. Even though Macbeth is one of the most famous tragedies ever written, so you need to pay special attention to this assignment. If you don’t know what topic you should choose, take a look at these options:

  1. The Inspiration for Macbeth. Not many students know, but the tragedy is actually inspired by real life. You can talk about the original story, as well as what elements the author added to make the play more interesting, and what he removed and why.
  2. Religion and supernatural. These things are very important in the play, and the entire action is influenced by supernatural in a way or another. The decision of Macbets was based entirely on what the witches told him.
  3. Superstitions. This will be a very interesting topic for your colleagues, especially for the ones who did not know about this. In the theatre world, it is considered that the play is cursed and all the actors use another name to refer to it. Why is that?
  4. Justice. Many people would believe that Macbeth received what he deserve at the end of the play. What do you think?
  5. Lady Macbeth is as guilty as Macbeth. The wife of the main character encouraged him to murder the king, and she actually made fun of his manhood. Can we call her guilty more than him?
  6. Hallucinations and visions. Very often, Macbeth is influenced by all kind of hallucinations, and he does not know anymore what is real and what is in his imagination. Is this a mental disease?
  7. The evolution of Macbeth. In the beginning, he was almost normal although he had some paranoid episodes. As the play goes on, he becomes absolutely paranoid and he does not trust anyone.
  8. Suicide. Why does Lady Macbeth commit suicide? Is it because of the guilt or because the hallucinations she had? How will this affect her husband?
  9. Minor characters. You can talk about all of them and how they changed the course of the story, or you can just choose one and describe him for your colleagues.
  10. Macduff and Malcom. Do they represent the justice in the play?

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