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Coming Up With Persuasive Essay Topics On Technology: Tips & Examples

Are you in the process of coming up with technology persuasive essay topics, but are struggling to get anywhere? Then take the time to learn a few simple tips that will enable you to find more topics than you will ever need. It will help you end up with the kind of topic that there is plenty of information on, and you’ll be enthusiastic about writing.

Latest Technological Advancements

Technology nowadays advances at a very fast pace, and therefore a topic that was relevant a few years ago might not be anymore. Therefore, you should look at the current news to find to the latest technological advancements.

Creating an essay on a new piece of technology will be a more interesting topic, and your enthusiasm for completing such a project should be higher. This is especially true if it is a type of technology that you are using yourself, such as a mobile phone or a games console.

Examples Of Topics

If you are still stuck on finding new technology related topics, then here are some ideas to get you started:

  • How should social media be policed to reduce cyber-bullying?
  • What measures can be put in place to reduce the chances of online criminal activity?
  • How the intent has impacted the society
  • How technological advancements have improved healthcare
  • What have been the top technological breakthroughs of the last decade
  • What technological breakthrough needs to happen very soon
  • What technological breakthrough has improved the standards of education the most?
  • How can technology be made cheaper so that access to the masses is available?
  • What have been the most useless popular technologies to come out in recent years
  • What country has contributed the most to technological breakthroughs in the last decade?
  • Should the amount of funding for technology research be increased, or decreased?
  • What technologies have proven themselves to have a negative impact on society

Meaningful Technology Topics

It’s a good idea to select technology topics that have actually added a lot of value to society. For example, solar panels, electricity powered cars and high speed internet. A topic that has shown to provide society a lot of value will make for a more interesting essay. It will also give you an opportunity to learn about the technologies that matter most.

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