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How to Find Contemporary Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

When writing an argumentative essay on sports, it can be difficult to think of something that hasn’t already been argued against in modern times. Below, we give some tips on how to find some argumentative essay topics that relate to sport.

Don’t Always Focus on The Sport Itself

It can be too easy to assume that you have to keep on the track of arguments within the sport itself, but there is so much scope with other subject matter surrounding sports.

  • Writers could look to a player’s behavior within a certain sport, for example, should a player be penalized of misbehaving on the pitch?
  • Will the success of an underdog character in sports change the diversity within that particular sport?
  • Should athletes be allowed to enhance their performance any way they see fit?
  • Are certain sports team mascots and logos seemed as offensive, if so why? Have they caused any scandal in the past, how was the issue dealt with, and was it dealt with in the right way?
  • Has there been any scandals around advertising within sports i.e. a sponsorship that maybe wasn't suited to the sporting event?

Always Keep Abreast of Sports News

If you’re not a particularly big fan of sports, it can be something of a hindrance to read through the news everyday. However, there are some easier ways to peruse the news so you're able to look out for some potential sources for your essay.

  • Writers could save sites to their favorite newsreader, which will deliver the headlines direct to you daily.
  • Writers can also set up email alerts so news is delivered to their inbox, they can even add keywords if they are looking for a particular occurrence within a specific sport.
  • If you buy a daily newspaper always check the sports sections for any potential sources, any big stories about sports will probably be highlighted before the sport section.

Select a Sport You’re Confident With

When presenting an argument within sports, it is important that you’re able to present your argument clearly within the subject matter.

  • If you are already a fan of a particular sport, focus on that and research what arguments can be taken from it.
  • If you’re not a sports fan, look at sports with basic rules. You can then research the sport quickly. You should then research what arguments you are able to garner from that particular sport for use within your essay.

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