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List Of Topic Suggestions For A Response Essay About Animal Farm

When attempting to write a response essay about Animal Farm, you will need to keep in mind that the topic and flow of your work are subjective. You are the one in control, as it is completely about your opinion and how you choose to defend your opinion. Sort of like freelancing, you still need to keep the standard format in place: opening paragraph, body, closing paragraph. And, of course, you still need to do your research.

If your essay is the first part of your dissertation, understand the more research and homework you do here will only assist you in your final thesis project. Keep the term “preparedness” in mind. The more research you do on your topic, the more effective your response essay will be. While reading Animal Farm, hone in on how it is making you feel. Pay attention to any conclusions you may be automatically drawing while reading the work, as that could make for a good topic to write your response. If all else fails, think about the following simple suggestions to assist you in getting started.

Simple suggestions:

  • Your feelings about the author’s opinion or subject.
  • Do you think the author is providing information from a non-biased point of view?
    • Why do you think that way?
    • Why don’t you think that way?
  • Is the author’s point of view effective? Did it sway your initial feelings about the subject?
  • Do you think the author used more facts or more opinion?
  • Do you value the author’s opinion and why?
  • Is the author’s language effective in what you feel he/she was trying to convey?
  • Do you agree with the author’s point of view?
    • Why do you agree?
    • Why don’t you agree?

Remember, your opinion is the bulk of your written work in this type of assignment. This is one of the few times you get to become a sort of freelance writer for the term of this project. You are writing how you feel, based on the thesis you chose, the homework you did, and your opinion of the work you read. Always remember to back your opinion with the facts you’ve researched to support it. You set your own writing terms, and you initiate the beginning of your possible future dissertation with a strong essay. That will be when you see how all of your hard work has paid off.

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