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9 productive argumentative essay topics for kids

Every student in high school is going to be required to write an argumentative essay at some stage in their educational career. In fact they may be required to write several argumentative essays and one of the keys to success is the choice of topic. If you can find a productive argumentative essay topic, you're well on the way to writing a winning essay. So what makes an argumentative essay productive?

It needs to have a divisive or controversial issue. There is no productivity in choosing an argumentative essay topic which is bland or which is lopsided or one-sided. Look for topics which divide opinion. And then of course the key to being successful in the writing of that essay is that you choose one side of that debate or opinion and write strongly in favour of it using well researched and well-documented evidence. Here are some examples of productive argumentative essay topics for kids.

  • All lotteries are a waste of time.
  • Climate change is real and has been caused by humans.
  • Too many students cheat today when it comes to their assignments and exams.
  • Parents should know what their children are watching online.
  • There should be a curfew for all teenagers until they turn 18.
  • Cigarettes are dangerous and should be made illegal.
  • Animals should never be used for scientific purposes when testing for products.
  • Violent video games cause some children to become violent.
  • Advertising of junk food to children should be banned.

Now you can see from each of the above argumentative essay topics, there is a strong split. Each topic allows different people to take an opposing point of view and to argue their point very clearly. This is the ideal type of productive argumentative essay topic which children should consider using.

They are everyday subjects about topics we deal with all the time. There is plenty of research material which is accessible and relevant to each topic. Already many people are seriously divided on each of these topics. And they allow you to take a particular point of view and argue it with strength.

Of course the student’s ability to write well is important but all the research and writing expertise in the world really only works well when you have a productive argumentative essay topic. Find the ideal topic and you’re well on your way.

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