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Creating Amazing Topics For A Compare And Contrast Essay

What is a compare and contrast essay?

There are many different types of essays. Students are introduced to them as they promote to higher classes. Argumentative, descriptive, comparison, persuasive and narrative is some common types of essay writing. A compare and contrast essay is the type of essay in which the students use relativity skills to prove their point. For example, they are supposed to show the similarities and differences between two different views. Alternatively, they may require writing about drawbacks and advantages of some certain object, idea, or practice. Similarly, there can be a comparison between two different personalities and their lifestyles.

Why these essays are easy

Compare and contrast essays are usually easier to attempt. The main reason is that they have to relate certain things and simply compare their features, advantages, or effects. This does not really require a lot of research or critical thinking. They can use their brain to get creative ideas and explain about the topic. In addition, you have the choice to select the topic by yourself, so you can select a topic which you are passionate about or have enough knowledge. For example, you recently went to stay in a village or at a farmhouse in one of your old relatives. You observed many things that were superb about living close to nature or on countryside. You might as well have faced some problems while your stay away from the urban life. You can easily pick this as the topic of your essay and compare both lifestyles. You can add examples, facts, recent research data, and other useful piece of information to make your essay look good.

What topics are ideal for compare and contrast?

Here are a few examples for a compare and contrast essay. You may choose one according to your interests.

  • Perfect competition and monopoly, similarities and differences between both
  • Books and movies- what do they have in common
  • Compare leading personalities of UK and the US
  • The benefits and drawbacks of early marriages
  • Is abortion a better solution then precautionary measure of birth control?
  • Do men and women play similar roles in the development of an economy?
  • The differences between Microsoft Corporation and Apple Company
  • What are the key similarities between food restaurants and brothels?
  • Highlight the advantages and disadvantages of just in time stock theory
  • The difference and similarities between the current education systems in the UK

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