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Avoiding Lame Sociology Essay Topics

There is nothing worse for an instructor to read the same tired, boring and overused essay topic over and over again. Grades suffer when professors are bored.  In order to prevent boring your instructor, you need to choose a topic that is not blah or lame.  You can test a topic to see if it's great if not by asking the following questions.  Then decided based on the answers if you should proceed with the potential topic.   


  • Can I find this topic in more than five other academic papers?  
  • If the answer is yes, the topic comes up in several other papers, then it’s been a topic that has been used, and it's possible this topic will be trite.  Since this topic has been done, you want to adjust your chosen topic to avoid lameness.

  • Is the topic I’ve chosen a lesson topic?
  • If the answer is yes, don’t use this lame topic.  While the lessons in class are not lame, and exciting to repeat the same information to the instructor isn’t flattering, but lame. They prepared it for you to learn, so unless you are taking an extreme opposite position, don’t do it.  

  • Is the sociology essay topic relevant?
  • If you are choosing a topic that has been already proven or disproven, no longer holding relevance to the current state of sociology, then it’s recommended to not write about it.  The exception is when you can tie it into current events; make the past connect to the current.  If you are just regurging old facts in old cases that no long mean anything, then you are for sure going to be writing a lame paper.  

  • Is this topic too simple or is it too complex?
  • Choosing a topic that is too simplistic or complex can lead to having a lame essay, because you will either have to really draw out the simple topics or overly explain the complex topics.  Making either type of essay very difficult to write read and complete; also meaning lame topic.  

If your topic passes these questions then the topic you have chosen, should be a non-lame, unique, and ready to have a paper written about.  Be cautious that you don't bore the readers with technical jargon, and on overly simple sentences.  Now that you have chosen a great topic, don't mess up with not putting the proper time and energy into writing the actual essay.  

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