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Composing Human Rights Essay Topics: 7 Unique Ideas

Writing an essay on human rights need not to be a daunting task. The first steps that need to be taken are deciding on a topic that one is relatively conversant with followed by a writing style that is easy to use.

There are a wide range of essay types. The following are a few that can be used in writing a human rights essay:

  • Expository: This type of essay explains something by giving instructions or directions in order to inform the reader on how to do and complete a task.

  • Compare and Contrast: The essay shows the similarities and/or differences on human rights concepts.

  • Argumentative (Persuasive): An argumentative essay tries to persuade the writer's perspective to the readers. The approach is to make a decisive stand on a topic that is backed by evidence.

  • Critical Review: This kind of essay evaluates a written work such as a book or an article. The writer must have an informed personal opinion that is objective.

Writing an essay on human rights gives one the opportunity to express one’s strong positions or beliefs on government regulations and policies. To select a topic, one can use the following guides:

  • The issue that is closest to one’s heart should be the easiest to write on. For example, if children’s rights violation is a concern to the writer, writing on it would flow more easily.
  • Selecting a controversial topic that is less discussed, for example, the right of children to choose whether or not to get a formal education.
  • Personal experience can also form the basis of a human rights topic. For example, if one is claustrophobic, an essay arguing that public enclosed places are a violation of human rights could make for good reading.
  • China is well set to become the super power in the coming years. An essay that argues on the lack of democracy in the country and how these may eventually affect other economies in the world would be a good topic to explore.
  • Religion is an issue that is sensitive in nature. A well presented essay that looks into the violations of human rights based on religion will capture the readers’ attention.
  • Western countries have different views on human rights in comparison to the Eastern as well the African views. The West has in the past attempted to impose their views on these continents. An essay topic that is persuasive or written in a compare/contrast method would be captivating to the reader.
  • Africa is viewed as a Dark Age continent and as a result, Africans tend to face discrimination in many fronts. Violations on their rights based on race would make an interesting topic for an essay.

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