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The 12 Best Argumentative Essay Topics About Divorce

While in school you will have to learn to write many different kinds of essays, each with their own focus, style, and objectives. One of the most common kinds of papers is the argumentative paper, in which you will craft an argument, lay it out, and try to convince your reader of it. You can argue practically anything in one of these papers, and can write about practically any subject. It can, however, make for an excellent and exciting academic essay, when you write about a subject that may people have a personal relationship to and opinion about, such as divorce. To write a good argumentative paper about divorce you’ll first need to come up with what you want to argue. It is best to choose a position that is somewhat controversial or that there is a good chance your reader will disagree with it, because it allows you to convince them and change their mind, rather than just to reassure what they already think.

Use these 12 argumentative paper topics as jumping off points for your essay:

  1. Married couples that don’t have common interests and hobbies are more likely to get divorced
  2. Married couples where both people work full time are more likely to get divorced
  3. The most common reason that people don’t get divorced past age 50 is money
  4. Married couples are less likely to get divorced when their kids are in high school than when they are in college
  5. Married couples that struggle financially are more likely to get divorced
  6. Married couples are less likely to get divorced when one person has medical problems
  7. The rate of divorce is higher in the United States than other countries because there is less stigma about it
  8. The rate of divorce in the United States has risen in recent decades not because there are more unhappy
  9. marriages, but because more women are working and are about to support themselves independently
  10. The rate of divorce varies by area as the predominant religion of the area varies
  11. It can be better to not get a divorce later in life if you no longer love your spouse because companionship can be more important than love in marriage
  12. Churches and religious organizations shouldn’t be able to deny divorces that are legally granted
  13. The ability of women to get a divorce in different countries is a good benchmark of women’s rights in that country

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