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Egyptian Creation Mythology

In the old centuries, Egypt followed a religion named the Egyptian Mythology. They had their own beliefs about worshipping nature, mythological creatures, stories of gods and goddesses, stories about the creation of the earth, the beginning of times etc. The interesting part however, is that these myths make the history of the religion in the world. The Egyptians were the oldest civilization and their religion marks an important place in history

The creation mythology of Egyptians starts from a process when the Sun emerged on the seas in a distant past. The date of this process is referred to as “zptp,” numeric meaning of which is unknown until date. This myth explains the start of life on earth and represents different Gods and goddesses and their deities. The Sun is addressed as Ra in the stories and it shone on an egg or a lotus flower, which gave birth to life on earth. Different books have different opinions about this life form. Different pyramid writings show these stories and we have experienced these symbols in the Egyptian culture and movies. The first life on earth is represented as a human child, a scarab beetle, a heron, or a falcon. After that, the Ra had four children, two of them became gods while the other two became goddesses. They formed the trees and the land, the atmosphere and the waters and rose up the sky. The gods got married to each other and gave birth to children. Like all other religions, the Egyptian mythology also has stories of good and evil, peace and war. One of them killed the other and his wife Isis tried to hide his body by burying him with the help of another god. This led to the idea of ennead group of divine and the holy family called the triad. The triad was worshipped at every local temple. Ra had the most respected group and was worshipped at Heliopolis. The people of Egypt also influenced some local gods from the Africa and created mythological creations consisting of humans and animals. The myths vary from this point onwards. The stronger the political position of a party in the local area, the better respect it gained among devotees. Later, the Pharaohs came and started claiming themselves the sons of god and were worshiped.

The history of Egyptian creation mythology has a little conflict as the regions change but it certainly is one of the most important religions in the ancient civilizations

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