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Your essay content should be interesting by grabbing the attention of the reader, have solid points that provide clear proof for the main idea, and mistakes and errors should not be an issue from start to finish. You have an opportunity to show yourself and your personality.
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How To Use A Question As An Essay Title: Solid Advice

Many students ask whether it’s possible to use an interrogative sentence in an essay title. A great number of already published books and other papers prove that it’s absolutely normal practice. Another concern of students is the issue of appropriate punctuation, namely whether they need to put a question mark at the end. Again, judging from the other papers and experts’ answers it should be there. The following tips will provide more details on how to use a question to entitle your essay.

  • Know when it should be used.
  • If you’re writing a personal or narrative essay to complete your task at, you may want its title to sound more intriguing. In this case, you can write it in the form of a question. Make sure your reader will get an extensive response to it in the text. However, you should know that even serious papers use questions for their headings.

  • Write it properly.
  • Make sure your essay heading is catchy and consistent with a general tone. It should also predict content and contain keywords. Start with Who, What, When, Where; How or Why; Is/Are, Do/Does, or Will.

  • Intrigue.
  • Your title is the first thing that your readers will see, so your task is to get their attention just by that one sentence. For this, you can employ an anecdotal element, a play on words, or a quotation. These are excellent attention grabbers.

  • Set a tone.
  • First of all, think about your topic and your audience. If the subject matter of your narration is a particular fact or historical event, you should devise a clear and straightforward question. If it’s more informal, you may set a more playful tone.

  • Combine.
  • Divide it into two parts and join them by a colon. The first part should contain an answer to the question asked in the second one. An example can be: “Persuasive, expository and analytical essays: What are their distinctive features?”. Another pattern can comprise of the main part and a descriptive subtitle. You can write a sophisticated statement in the first part and then ask a down-to-earth question. Although, the tone in the two parts can be different, together they can form a great hook. Your readers would like to find out how two unalike parts are presented in your paper.

  • Don’t make it obvious.
  • Make the answer unpredictable. After reading your title, readers may guess what it will be about. You shouldn’t reveal everything from the start; instead, make the answer seem dubious for a bit. However, make sure you cover the promised topic in the body.

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