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A List Of Unique 6th Grade Persuasive Essay Topics

Any 6th grader in school will hate to put down video games and playing outside to have to sit down and write an essay on a persuasive topic. However, for those armed with the best possible information, it will become far easier and thereby less of a burdensome chore. Below I will list five possible topics you could use for the proper grade level to ensure your child will have ample opportunities for a good essay that teachers will highly approve.

  • What is the best video game? All kids love video games especially 6th grade boys. So where better to start than here? Kids could argue all day about what is the best game to play. There are so many video games out there from console stations to computers that you will not run out of ideas on this topic.
  • What is the coolest T.V. show? Everyone knows kids love T.V., second only to games. So trying to find a T.V. show to argue about would be the easiest thing in the world for any kid who knows his television and what is popular in the mainstream now.
  • The best way to get your homework done fast. All kids certainly hate homework more than anything besides maybe a bedtime or school itself. So, try persuading your fellow students or teacher to the best way of getting homework done in a pinch, and you will have a great essay on your hands.
  • Who is the coolest comic book character? Another one that middle school boys will no doubt love is comics, as they come right after games and T.V. for fun. Try arguing about Spider-Man or Batman and it will make an incredible conversation, as well as a great essay.
  • The best way to get your parents to leave you alone. When it comes to aggravations for kids, there is nothing that beats parents and kids know it. Whether it is about chores or school work, parents want their kids on the right track, but kids don’t want to be there. A fun exercise might thereby be how a kid can get their parents off their back and let them get back to playing games and watching T.V. without a big hassle.

These are just a few possible topics. Kids, themselves, will have plenty of ideas to try to persuade other kids, all the countless little hobbies and things children enjoy. These ideas, however, no doubt will provide a great place to start.

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