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Using Brainstorming Techniques For Writing An Expository Essay

After you have a good cognition of what the question is asking, the next step is to puzzle out how you will respond to it. This part of essay writing is generally referred to as the prewriting stage. You need to put together all the ideas, examples, facts and evidence required in the writing process. It is recommended to write down as many of them as possible although you will not necessarily require to employ all of them.


The foundation of an efficacious brain waving is digging deep into the given topic or the subject matter. This is achievable through studying varying types of textbooks from the library. You can as well utilize the internet to search for information from various sources.

Techniques used

Basically, there are two major brainstorming techniques used when composing an expository essay. They are a must-know for any student who has developed interest in becoming an outstanding composer. These two include the idea map method and the idea list method. You can either employ one or both of them to solve the problem at hand.

The Idea Map method

This is elementarily composes of literary drafting a map of your opinions. This visual representation of ideas is significant to a great extent as it enables the writer to add as more ideas as possible to the existing ones. Therefore, forgetting a certain thought is not common. The flow chart moreover, aids you to ascertain how an individual thought links to others. This is the basis of building up your opinions which summate to give a concrete lucid text. In order to accomplish this, simply jot down the topic at the center of the page and circle it. When your mind looms up with other multiple ideas, draw them all round the central title and encircle them as well. Complete by extending an arrow from each of the opinion, showing how they interlink to each other and to the primary topic.

The Idea List method

This is another method employed in solving problems. It is similar to the first technique but the difference is that in this, the writer simply comes up with a range of ideas and lists them down on a piece of paper instead of drawing a map. It is a more promiscuous method which can be managed even by rookies. It is important in aiding you create a smooth flow of points and efficiently back them up when you embark on the real task.

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